A Photo Project

Imagine, if you will, two hot queer women (butch/femme, dark/light, big/small . . . whatever comes to mind). Their heated bodies are naked, caressing, draping, co-mingling in the most intimate of erotic exchanges. Easy, right? You’ve seen it before. You’ve been it before. It’s sexy and comfy and, well really, somewhat been-there-done-that.

Now, without changing their pose, stretch those two bodies through time but in opposite directions. One becomes young, lithe, freshly across the threshold into adulthood. The other—older, graying, sagging—is approaching a different threshold. There bodies remain heated, wet, co-mingled, but the erotic charge is now arcing across the span of an entire generation.

Arms crossed, you might stare while thoughts unbidden skitter through your imagination: She could be her mother! She could be her daughter! What could she possibly see in her? That is so not hot!

The goal of this project is to explore eroticism and age by creating images that challenge our assumptions about both. Our intention is to create discomfort that provokes dialogue about our personal and cultural assumptions around . . . age . . . eroticism . . . taboo.